The re-branding

13249242_sI noted in my last post that I will start a new, full-time job in January.  As things turned out, I started yesterday on a part-time basis.  I’m working as the Communications Coordinator for the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Texas.  On Monday morning I had orientation and yesterday morning spent three hours on my very first full-time job working in an office with real people since 2003.  I realized yesterday that this is also the first job I’ve ever had whose basis was not supporting someone else (clerically or administratively), but working on a team in support of an organizational vision.

My first “real” job (as an adult, not enrolled in school) was as a secretary.  For 20 years I worked at different levels of that class of work.  I was a secretary, an administrative assistant, and ultimately an executive assistant (although never given that exact title).  I finally completed my bachelors degree in 2002, at the age of 41, and that year I was promoted to the position of associate director of one of the four inpatient facilities run by the healthcare organization I worked for.  It was “associate director” because I would be reporting to the organization director, but I would be the administrative head of that facility.  It was the place I belonged after a couple decades of supporting other people.

Literally days before I was to start in that position, my supervisor – the medical director of the organization – told me that someone had discovered that the NJ Board of Health required a bachelors degree of the person in an administrative position such as I was about to take.  I was in my final semester, just a couple months from graduating with my BS.  Continue reading


The re-imagining

profile-photoThere are changes coming up in my life in the next two months.  In January I will be starting a real, truly live, full-time day job working in communications but not journalism.  More details as the time gets closer.  I am taking a leave for the spring semester, catching up on my thesis in order to have 150 coherent pages going into my fourth and last semester this fall.  It took me until this semester before I figured out exactly what I want to write about and how I want to write it.

As I said, more details to come, but over the next few weeks I will be changing my focus, here and on social media and other places where my name is mentioned.  Stay tuned…