My Plan to Visit All 50 States

Hey, somebody else named Nasrullah is taking to the road! 😉

Razi On the Road

Hello friends, family, and fellow travelers!  I would like to introduce this as my very first blog entry ever!  Yay!

If you read my “About” page, then you already have some idea as to why I’ve decided to do this.  But, why visit all 50 states?  Because its a specific, measurable, and attainable goal which will keep me motivated.  The accomplishment will also be its own reward.  Bragging rights might also be an occasional plus!

I plan to begin traveling through New Mexico up to Colorado.  I’ll spend my first night in Albuquerque.  Then I’ll head up to Colorado Springs, which is where I’ll likely stay for a few weeks.  I want to do some hiking, then look for some work (I’m starting with only $275, and will need to earn more).  Fortunately, I’m already an accomplished delivery driver with Favor Delivery, who happens to operate in Denver.  If I can’t find some interesting day jobs…

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