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Meet Ambreen Tariq, the Activist Behind Brown People Camping

These hijab-wearing dolls break barriers. But what’s their impact on the girls who play with them?

Eric Heber invites you to hike Louisiana’s trails

How a Muslim cemetery became a battleground for America’s soul

Ramadan in the quiet spaces

This originally appeared in the Religion News Service. On the first night of Ramadan this year I visited my local mosque’s Facebook page and watched a 15-minute sermon by the imam. He scanned the room as he spoke, looking right and left, as though engaging a real audience, although there was none. He was addressing an empty prayer hall as […]

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What I’ve witnessed at the border

This originally appeared in the Houston Chronicle. Asylum seekers at the border have always been just a step or two away from complete disaster. Sickness, crime, desperation, and heartless immigration policies have taken their toll. But I never expected a virus to be the ultimate threat. Since last July I have been volunteering with Team Brownsville, a nonprofit organization that […]

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Remain in Mexico

This poem originally appeared in eMerge and was inspired by my volunteer work at the southern border, and the impact of the “Remain in Mexico” policy on asylum seekers there. there is the Rio Bravo, a green viper you could ride away from the tent city but for remembering Oscar’s failed swim baby girl tucked in his shirt, wriggling gulping, […]

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‘This is our angel now’: Houston community rallies for justice in aftermath of Jazmine Barnes slaying

This originally appeared in The Lily, a Washington Post magazine. The rally began at noon with the clamor of dozens of motorcycles, and ended with the release of purple and white balloons into the afternoon sky. On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in the parking lot of the Walmart at 5655 E. Sam Houston Parkway, the scene of Jazmine Barnes’s […]

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