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Press Kit 8I have a passion for learning people’s stories: the way we do things, individually and as a society; how we share our values and face our challenges; what motivates our interaction with the world.  I have written about forgiveness for the accidental killing of a child; protests against Islamic cemeteries and mosques; chalk drawings by Mormon missionaries; the connection between public speaking and music; and more.  I am a political activist speaking out against Islamophobia and all other forms of diminishing and devaluing people. I am the Communications Coordinator for the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

I earned a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction in August 2015; I am developing my final manuscript, Facing Mecca: An American Muslim Explores Religious Identity, into a book.  The work examines the personal experience of being religious in America. It includes memoir, narrative essays and observation pieces. I address topics such as my experience preparing my sister-in-law’s body for burial, the lives of gay Muslims in America, my transition from liberal humanist to practicing Muslim, and how and when minority religions are – or are not – welcomed by American society at large.

I write The Straight Path blog for the Houston Chronicle and have contributed to the paper’s Belief and Gray Matters sections. I have written on politics and civil rights for the MuslimMatters online magazine. I have been a regular contributor to the Religion News ServiceAzizah, Islamic Horizons and Toastmaster.

I have a Master of Arts degree in print and multimedia journalism from Emerson College, where I received the school’s Presidential Fellowship. My capstone project profiled drug offenders going through the Roxbury, Massachusetts drug court system.

I am a board member of the Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas.  I am a member of the Religion Newswriters Association, Houston Writers Guild and Muslimah Writers Alliance.  I served on the local station board of KPFT/Pacifica radio from 2011-2012. I have served in several leadership positions with the  Toastmasters organization.

I am a New Jersey native based in Houston, Texas, where I have lived since 2003.

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