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Eric Heber invites you to hike Louisiana’s trails

Hiking with puppies

How a Muslim cemetery became a battleground for America’s soul

“They said we put each other on a list”

A secular Christmas

Off I go

Join me on the trail, both metaphorical and literal, as I blaze a way through my next phase of life, as a writer, as an activist, as a person of faith, as a traveler, and whatever else I prove to be.

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Own the hot flashes: Tips for menopausal hikers

This originally appeared in The Trek. You may see them infrequently. You may wonder at their skill or endurance.  If you’re the average AT thru-hiker—young and male—you may worry about their safety and health. Don’t. Women 50 and over have as much strength and determination as any long-distance hiker. Most of them have faced one of the greatest challenges of […]

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A cat’s story

I try to stay around the doors. That way I know I won’t miss them. Although I spend much of my time alarmed by bugs and leaves, I do crave affection and I try to get it every day. So I wait near the doors.

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