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  1. Ms. Nasrallah,
    I just read the piece about a muslim cemetary in tx and it just dawned on me what need is there of one since there is no requirement to be buried in consecrated ground?

    Beyond this if you have a moment I was wondering if you are a convert and do you really not understand how any Christian would not welcome a group of people (living or otherwise) who go out of their way to dress provacatively (in the same manner as those killing fellow Christians) and who demand rights not extended to other religous groups (graphic depections of Allah, Muhamed whoever). Should it be the case you are a convert I can not advise strongly enough against traveling to any muslim dominated country especially with (your) children- these things never end well. Should you find yourself in this situation and the need arises and it does so very often I recommend the Philipino embassy, tell them your Catholic. They do a fair trade in transporting abused Christians (women primarily) and seem not to raise the ire of locals.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kearney. I can’t speak for the people who have bought the land for the cemetery, but my understanding is that they simply need more burial space. At the meeting I attended the imam said they will impose no limitation on who can be buried there.

    Regarding your comment about Christians not welcoming other religious groups: please forgive me for saying this, but that sounds very much like the bigoted attitudes that have been held in the past – for example, when blacks weren’t “welcome” in a particular neighborhood or allowed to attend particular schools on the basis of their race. Whether or not they were welcomed, they had the right to buy homes and attend schools regardless of their race, and that still holds true.

    Americans don’t have the right to prohibit others from legal activities such as buying land or homes or building houses of worship solely on the basis of their religion. The civil rights act made that a crime.

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