Are promises made promises kept?

When I first started freelancing I knew that good time management would be mandatory. I started out strong.  It was easier in the beginning.  There were fewer projects and I was spending a fair amount of time conceptualizing.

If you’re not careful, though, conceptualizing can become a substitute for working.

Recognizing that, I’ve been thinking that instead of making a schedule of each workday, which is what the time management gurus recommend, perhaps I should actually promise myself to write xyz today.  I’m going to work on ___ article.  I’m going to write a Houston Chronicle post.  I’m going to write a MuslimMatters post.  I’m going to write five pitches.  Whatever.  Just promise.

The productivity gurus also say that goal setting should include accountability.  I think accountability is why I’m afraid to start the day with a promise.  If I don’t follow through, who cares except me?  That’s the crux of freelancing.  It’s up to you.  If you make a promise to yourself, you’d better keep it.