Write well, write often

I’m very pleased to say I got a new magazine assignment today.  (I hate naming the publication until it’s much closer to publication, but it’s for their September/October issue.)  Go ahead and ask me what I think the key to success as a writer is.  Okay, whether you asked or not, here it is:

Write well, write often, don’t be afraid to ask for more work and more pay.

I guess I could add “don’t be afraid to ask for a kill fee or at least a contract,” but I’ve been successful taking chances so far.

Now the interesting thing is juggling reporting for assigned articles (I have three on my plate currently) and for pieces that are still evolving or just kind of out there.  The new article is due the end of June, the other two have no set due dates (yet) but obviously the sooner, the better, and if I manage to work up a story for the Narrative contest, that is due July 31 – and of course I’ll be at the Goucher residency from July 29 through August 11.  Okay, enough time talking about what I have to do.  Let me go do it!