Cover me

I got my three complimentary copies of the June Toastmaster issue and was quite surprised to see that my article on music is the cover story!  That was a wonderful boost.  It’s great to feel successful in magazine writing, but I still wish I had my foot in the door of more serious publications, or more serious stories, or something deeper than what I’m doing (although I guess feature stories are as deep as you make them).  I am excited to see what Goucher will bring.


  1. I think this is great! I know you might feel like this is not at the point where you want to take it, but you are farther than many people. I am so happy for you! I always get excited when I see your name in the Toastmasters’ magazine because I feel special by association=) InshAllah, you will go very far with your writing!

  2. Thanks! I’ve actually divided my work into three categories. One is stories like the ones I write for Toastmaster, Islamic Horizons and Azizah: articles on topics of interest primarily to a defined category of people; dawah, like my Chronicle blog; and longer, more in-depth articles whose purpose is to move readers and broaden their understanding of the world. It’s the last category that I’d love to do more of, but it can be very time-consuming.

    Right now I have two articles for Azizah and one for Islamic Horizons on my plate, and I have started on a longer, more in-depth (category 3) piece that I plan to submit to Creative Nonfiction. That last one is the one I’d love to do more of, although on the other hand every article I write teaches me something new!

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