What time is it? 4:30. It’s not late – no, no, it’s just early early early

If you’re not familiar with the Spin Doctors, the post title is from their song What Time Is It?  It’s in honor of my continuing effort to get up at 4:30 a.m., the idea being that I will devote that time to writing and thus be able to devote the rest of the day to reporting, chores, reading, and other activities that don’t require me to sit in my chair facing the computer.   Unfortunately, this morning I again failed.  I actually got out of bed and stood up, but when I felt my head spinning (not like the Spin Doctors, just regular spinning) I said to myself, “dang, it’s just too early.”  I went back to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow I will succeed.

It’s a good plan.  I used to get up at 4:30 every morning, like 10 years ago.  Back then I had a second job, doing medical transcription from home, and I was finishing my bachelors degree.  Based on that, I suppose I could assume that when I start school again I will actually need that time.  The other issue is that when I go to Baltimore for the residency it will be Ramadan, and I will start fasting at 4:38 a.m.  By the time I leave, the start time will be 4:53, but it’s not like that’s much better in terms of having to get up early early early.

Bottom line is that within the next few weeks I will go from wanting to wake up super early to needing to wake up super early.  Please pray for me to succeed tomorrow!