Why do I talk so much?

I interviewed six people yesterday – such a long day!  In the morning I met with the LDS missionaries I’m writing about and I recorded that interview.  Then I went to Sugar Land and interviewed the Houston South LDS mission president and recorded that interview.  Came home and interviewed a source for the “family Toastmasters” article, but since that was on the phone I typed notes as we talked.  Then I interviewed that source’s mother (it being a family article) by Skype and recorded that.

Right now I’m listening to my interview with the missionaries and I’m groaning as I realize how much I talk when I should be letting the subjects talk!  I mean, there is a certain amount of wanting to make people feel comfortable with you that would stimulate chatting, but I just blathered on and on – and really, who cares about my opinions if the story’s not about me?  And for a Toastmaster, I say “you know” WAY too much.

At any rate, I have a Skype interview at 12:15 this afternoon, and after that it will be all writing all weekend…what a relief.  Both articles are ready to be pretty much done.  The school assignment has to be done by Monday, but the Chronicle article will include a photo shoot on Wednesday, taking photos of the missionaries in action drawing with chalk, and then that should be wrapped up.

[God, I’m still listening to this thing and I just can’t believe how much I’m talking – who cares what I’m interested in????  Why can’t I shut the heck up???]

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