Starbucks vs. Panera vs. home

W2P FinI’m at Starbucks because I met a friend here and thought I’d go ahead and continuing writing while I’m here.  It’s just not the same as Panera and I’m not getting much done.  I’m not sure why.  Panera is bigger, so maybe that’s it.  Maybe Starbucks has a different vibe.

Of course the option does exist for me to work at home.  I’ve just been having so much difficulty lately writing at home that I figured I’d try to sally forth into the community.

I have been thinking about reviving my writing and editing service, Written to Perfection.  I created it a year and a half or so ago and didn’t go too far with it.  Writing is what I do, and it’s what I get paid for, right?

I have to get out of here.  It’s noisy in a bad way.  To be continued.


5 thoughts on “Starbucks vs. Panera vs. home

  1. Assalamo ‘alaykom wr wb sister,

    Plus, Starbucks is extremely overpriced, donates a significant portion of their profits to Israel, and for one bag of coffee beans charges the same amount that the farmers who produce the beans would earn in a month.

    In case lack of inspiration wasn’t enough reason not to go there anymore 😉

  2. Walaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatoh. Good points re Starbucks’ pricing!

    For the sake of accuracy, though, wasn’t the Israel donation issue from a few years ago based on a letter that turned out to be a parody? is just one of many articles pointing out that it’s untrue.

    • Wa ‘alaykom salam wr wb, well that’s good to know! Still too expensive for me, but I’ll feel much better about going there if an unavoidable opportunity does arise int he future 🙂

  3. 🙂

    I love your blog by the way – I’ve never seen thumbnail photos in place of titles like yours has.

    • Aww jazakAllahu khayr – it just seemed like a more user-friendly way to view it. You can click “flipcard” in the top lefthand corner to view it differently. Found your blog through Muslim Matters and enjoyed browsing it myself!

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