Getting better all the time

Well, little by little things are getting easier, although my head is still not totally in the game and I’m still not totally caught up with school work.  For good or bad, I don’t have any work on my plate right now – probably mostly for good so that nothing is interfering with school.

I’m very behind in submitting writing and book reviews.  I’m talking to my mentor tomorrow and will make sure I can catch up with everything timely.  (What do I mean by that?  I guess I mean that I hope I can finish without getting “in trouble,” or that I will pass even if I rush to catch everything up.)

I have decided on what I think will be a good course of action regarding school.  Now that I’ve figured out that Goucher’s MFA program offers summer classes (how did I not know that? somehow it seems like there are a lot of things I don’t know about), I am going to take an elective – Research and Reporting – in the summer, running from May 6 till July 19.  That way I will get my elective out of the way and I can focus on filling in gaps where I need more research and reporting, and hopefully start the fall fresh and ready to go.  I’m working on three essays – well, one is trying to salvage the missionary story however I can, and one is about rituals surrounding death and another is about gay Muslims.  They’re new, they’re very drafty, but at least I’m thinking it through organically and letting my creativity lead the way.