Commuting sucks

My new day job requires a 25-mile commute (each way), so I now spend an hour and a half to two hours every day in my car, and thanks to Houston’s horrible highway designs it often feels like a fight for survival.

Here’s a Transtar photo of what I have to do as soon as I hit the highway on my way home: I get on 288 and immediately have to make my way across the three right lanes leading to highway 59 in order to get to I-45, accessible only through the two left lanes. During rush hour that means I either rely on the kindness of other drivers or cut them off mercilessly. Every day I go through that. Sometimes I have stayed late at the office just to avoid the time of greatest congestion.

504But it should be better now that I finally – just yesterday – got an audio book from the library.  At least there will be some purpose to the drive besides testing my and my car’s ability to simply survive.