Always a step behind

I. Am. So. Dumb.

Three semesters into a nonfiction MFA I’m still having things fall into place which I should have already figured out.

Last semester I started kind of writing anything at all, since my word count was so low and I was still so unfocused with my thesis.  One of the things I wrote about was going to Camp Homestead, one of several self-governed camps run by the Liberal Religious Youth, loosely affiliated with the Unitarian Church.  I turned back to it a few days ago and duh! realized what to do with it.  My thesis is about the personal experience of religion in America, right? So…the LRY story is one of those personal experience of religion in America stories, and I should expand the short personal essay I have into a larger piece. That’s a revelation of something obvious. I am so dumb.

Well, for your viewing pleasure, here is a photo sent to me by a fellow camper from the summer of 1975. See if you can find me.

camp homestead group