512px-Taize-SilenceI have gotten ZERO feedback on my most recent Straight Path post. That’s a first. In fact, after I posted it I was away from my computer for a few hours and was dreading reading what kind of comments I might battle when I got back online. There was nothing. There is no response on Twitter, either, even when I posted a Tweet asking for feedback.

This is a brave new world. They used to tout the Belief bloggers on the home page, but apparently they don’t anymore, and no longer seems to link to any part of the paper. I went to a couple news sites today which discussed the cemetery in Farmersville and posted comments with links to my post, but I guess they don’t approve those obvious promotion attempts.

Maybe I need to get back on Facebook. I was so happy to get off it but maybe it’s unavoidable if you want to promote yourself.

It’s a bummer and a surprise to get absolutely NO response.


  1. Found out today that a couple people have tried to comment and either the comments didn’t get to me or they were unable to post. Trying to work it out with the Chronicle tech staff.

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