“Follow your passion” is a real thing

loveyourworkToday I let go of the box I have been trying to force myself into – struggling to work as a journalist when I feel passion for other things like the activism I do with CAIR and am starting to do with other groups.

I have decided to approach writing not as a profession, but as a tool.

And I have spent the day feeling the freedom and lightness of not having the stress of editors and deadlines or the self-imposed pressure of “being” a journalist.  I am a journalist, but not simply for the sake of writing and reporting, but because I can use those skills to further causes.  And I can work on my book with joy, not by feeling like it’s just another task for me to procrastinate on.

“Follow your passion” is such a cliche, but it is a real thing and as of today I am doing it.


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